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Easy. Fast. Smart.

DocSTAR provides users with quick and easy access to transaction and business files from existing applications with a single keystroke. Users can easily review, audit, and provide transaction files to clients, vendors, inside and outside employees. Additionally, docSTAR can instantly transmit documents to clients via fax or email in one simple integrated process.

DocSTAR gives your staff a faster, more efficient method to search and gain access to the files that drive your business. The flexibility to search by such data as client, date, and activity status means that you can respond to customers more quickly and effectively.

DocSTAR enhances your bottom line by letting you:

  • Instantly and easily find any document in your organization
  • Reclaim office space
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve responsiveness to your customers
  • Eliminate the chaos of misplaced or lost files
  • Access documents instantly and easily from any PC, across a LAN, WAN or via the Internet
DocSTAR applies powerful technology to improve productivity. But, what really sets DocSTAR apart is its natural fit into your day-to-day business operations. People want to use DocSTAR because it is easy to learn and easy to use; in other words, it is truly user friendly.

Specific industry solutions include, but not limited to: (links below)

Real Estate




Mortgage and Title




DocSTAR is pre-configured and pre-tested to eliminate costly, time-consuming integration woes, so you'll be up and running quickly and painlessly.

Safe. Flexible. Accessible.

  • Total Accessibility from Standard PC's; Standard PCs linked on a local area or wide area network (LAN or WAN) can scan, view, fax, print or email documents stored on a shared DocSTAR. Multiple users can even access the same document at the same time-a DocSTAR stored document is always available.

  • Standard PCs linked on a LAN or WAN can scan, view, fax, print or email documents stored on a shared DocSTAR.

  • Security prevents unauthorized access; you may classify private or sensitive documents to allow access only to authorized users.

  • Flexible filing options can be combined or used separately to meet your needs.

  • DocSTAR's unique two-tier storage system with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disk) and optical media provide unsurpassed safety from disaster. (Off-site storage feature)

  • Handy Document Annotation; Add highlights, sticky notes or other annotations to any document without altering the integrity of the original. Plus, you can redact (black out) confidential information so only privileged users can view it.

  • Import software captures documents from most Windows programs -- and imports and stores image files from digital cameras and copiers, plus files converted from microfilm.

  • DocSTAR offers the choice of two modules from accessing your documents over the Internet:

  • Export documents for viewing on a notebook or other PC -- enabling you to take documents home, on the road or anywhere you need them.

  • With AuthentiDate, DocSTAR time and date stamps every image, creating a "super original" that assures authenticity and date-of-creation at a level impossible for paper documents to achieve.

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