Electronic Document Management Solution


docSTAR. The right solutions for the public sector. Local, state and federal government agencies need to be more efficient, to better serve citizens. Compliance with regulations and policies, require agencies to keep records for several years, consuming human resources and increasing costs. docSTAR helps manage document retention timelines and provide instant access to any document; including invoices, contracts, personnel records, correspondence, compliance forms, spreadsheets, manuals, and citizen records. docSTAR enables State and Local Governments offices to :
  • Streamline access to supporting documents from GIS and other applications.
  • Meet Electronic Records Act .Title 42, State Affairs and Government Chapter 42-127 Electronic Signatures and Records Act using AuthentiDate technology.
  • Link directly to ESRI's ArcIMS and GIS maps and data.
  • Reduce paper storage costs.
  • Automate, Protect and Seal the content of sensitive information.
  • Enhance service to citizens with Web publishing of public records.
  • Share files with multiple users in many offices.
  • Instantly locate files and never lose them.
  • Easily import legal documents, incident reports, building pre-plans, safety data sheets, plus much more.
  • Purchase a document management solution at special GSA pricing: GSA Schedule Number: GS-25F-0016M.

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