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When documents are lost or unavailable, it can alienate customers and cost you repeat business. Your records must be maintained virtually forever- creating tremendous pressure on your staff to manage these documents. And, you're probably using costly space to maintain these records. But now there's a better way to manage your documents -- electronically (digitally). We provide a total service solution that scans, stores and allows you to retrieve your paper documents with ease and simplicity. This remarkable service saves space, guards against theft or damage, and lets your staff access your documents like never before.

Document Statistics:

  • "At any given time, between 3 and 5 percent of an organization's files are lost or misplaced. The average cost of recreating a document is $180." (Survey reported in Information Week)
  • A Coopers & Lybrand study illustrates the hidden cost of document filing as the average office:
    • Makes 19 copies of each document
    • Wastes $20 on labor repetitively filing each document
    • Consumes $120 searching for every mis-filed document

  • "U.S. managers spend an average of 4 weeks a year searching for or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or ‘lost’ papers" (Cuadra Associates)
  • "Office workers can waste up to two hours a day looking for misplaced paperwork--at total of 500 hours (62.5 days) per year" (TN)
  • "7.5% of documents are lost forever" (Cuadra Associates)
  • "Companies typically misfile 2% to 7% of their records" (From survey conducted by New York City chapter, ARMA International).
Scan Master Solutions Provides:
  • Reduced labor costs -- minimize your personnel requirements and help you comply with records retention requirements.

  • Reduced demand for physical space - All paper files can be stored electronically on disks with capacities starting at over 85,000 pages per disk.

  • Instant information access - Documents can be located in seconds and never get lost.

  • File protection - Protects against loss due to disasters, while critical data is still accessible (at the tip of your fingers).

  • Irrefutable document integrity - AuthentiDate Image Marking technology virtually eliminates any possibility of altering documents without detection.

The process of back file / archived file conversion from paper to digital format is typically in this fashion:

Method #1 - Scanning Services:

  • Preparation - Documents will require manual preparation prior to scanning. Staples, post-it notes, rubber bands, etc are removed or repositioned prior to scanning.

  • Imaging - ScanMaster Solutions utilizes high-speed, state-of-the art production scanners to capture document images and text conversions. We will image the documents and generate image file viewable on standard PCs and laptops.

  • Indexing - Indexing documents involves extracting key information from each document for input into a database for later search and retrieval. Specific fields are defined for each project and directly relate to the project elements. The customer shall dictate the specific indexing and keywording scheme to be utilized in this phase of the project. We will enhance the indexing schemes and methodology and greatly improving accuracy rates by utilizing custom templates with preset minimum/maximum field parameters.

  • Quality Control - Each image will be verified while scanned. In addition, we review each image for proper alignment, compression errors, skewed images, quality and order. All work is checked, corrected and reviewed before permanently filed. ScanMaster Solutions will work closely with your staff to insure the success of the project.

  • Reconstruction - ScanMaster Solutions will either return the documents or perform a certified destruction upon written request (additional fees apply), however bindery elements (staples, clips, etc.) will not be replaced.

  • Delivery - We will deliver the index files and images to you in DVD disks, CDs or import them directly in your existing document management solution.

  • Support - ScanMaster Solutions will provide a Project Coordinator to oversee the production work on each project. The Project Coordinator will serve as the primary liaison for each project. In addition, a Project Coordinator will be assigned to the project to provide quality assurance of all data and related reports throughout the term of the project. All client contact is recorded in our project log. We will provide the client specifics regarding requirements, time frames and such. A week weekly status and billing report is generated for all projects and delivered to the client.
Method #2 - Digital Conversion:
  • Call / Email for a proposal
Method #3 - Digital Capture:
  • Call / Email for a proposal

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